We will send everyone who orders a copy of our terms and conditions to read and agree to. this is for your protection as well as ours, so please read through them so you know exactly what our services will incorporate, as well as what to do in certain situations such as cancellation or alterations.

All items made by Dreambakes are subject to the following terms and conditions:


If any party is intolerant/allergic to certain ingredients it is the customer’s responsibility to let us know and we can alter the order. The items are made in premises in which use ingredients containing gluten, nuts, dairy, mustard, sulphite, celery and soya. Every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate; however items may contain traces of allergens so we cannot guarantee 100% allergen free.


Cakes without fresh fillings should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sources of heat, light, moisture and strong odours. If stored correctly, sponge based cakes/cupcakes will be fresh for three days, cookies and brownies up to four days, and fruit cakes up to three months. Cakes/cupcakes with fondant covering should never be refrigerated. Cookies covered in fondant will be fresh for up to one month and should not be refrigerated. If the item has a fresh filling (fruit, cream, cream cheese etc)  or is made of dairy products, we will inform the customer and it should be kept refrigerated until ready to serve. This type of product is best eaten on the due date, but can last up to three days.

We are not liable for any spoiling due to improper storage of our products.


For orders placed over 1 month prior to an event, we require a deposit of 1/3 of the total balance, payable by bank transfer/cash. This is deducted from the final balance payable. Deposits are non-refundable. Once the deposit has been received by us we will confirm that the order and payment have been received by sending a receipt to via email, or a paper invoice if the customer pays in person. Our acceptance of the order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us. Please note pictures shown or discussed are for general illustration only and the product may vary.

Wedding and occasion cakes

The more notice given the better in regards to wedding and occasion cakes. Three months is the minimum usually required; however, it is possible to accept orders at short notice subject to the availability of the date required and the complexity of the design. 1/3 of the total balance is payable on booking the wedding cake, the remainder payable by 1 month prior to wedding date. If the customer has had a wedding cake tasting session, the fee for this will be deducted from the final balance.

Payment dates

The final balance payment is due one month prior to the celebration/wedding date, as we will need to order ingredients, some packaging and fondant in advance. If the booking confirmation takes place less than one month before the celebration/wedding, the full payment will be required along with the confirmation.


4) Alterations

For celebration cakes, cookies, cheesecakes etc., we are able to make alterations to the design up to two weeks before the cake is due. For wedding cakes, alterations can be made up to one month before the wedding date. Alterations are just that; we cannot redesign the entire wedding cake unless given more than one month’s notice. The final balance payable may be changed depending on the alterations requested (e.g. if the decorations are more complex, the price will be higher, and vice versa) and the time taken by our baker's design time.


Celebration Cake/Cookies/Cheesecakes etc. Cancellation

If at any time an order is cancelled with less than a fortnight's notice, the customer is liable to pay the balance of any fondant, equipment, boxes or boards bought specifically for this purpose. An itemised list of the costs incurred as proof of purchase. These amounts must be paid within 7 days of confirmation. Any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred in this process.

Wedding Cake Cancellation

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, as we will have been refused other orders for the same date as your booking. All items delivered directly will be shown to the customer, who then has the opportunity to discuss any quibbles with us immediately. Full payment of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 1 month of the wedding date. 50% of cake balance is required if cancellation is within 1-3 months of the wedding date. All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email or post and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure receipt of the cancellation. On receipt of the cancellation the customer will be sent confirmation and information of any amounts due at the cancellation date. These amounts must be paid within 7 days of confirmation. Any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred in this process.

Acts of God

If for any reason you cannot collect your cake/we cannot deliver it to you on the day it is required, for reasons such as fire, flood, snow, high winds, etc, payment in full is still taken. The labour has to be paid for, as do the ingredients bought specifically for your cake. If cancellation is made within reasonable time (as judged by management), then some payment may be refunded, at the management's discretion.



Any refund given for disputes regarding a cake design is completely at the discretion of Dreambakes and are not automatic. Disputes must be backed up by appropriate evidence (e.g. photographs, piece of cake, video).

Full refunds will never be given for any order which has been consumed regardless of dispute. Due to the company time spent in hand-making each cake, our cakes take a lot of time so we cannot refund for labour costs.

All orders will be shown to the customer or a designated party, who then has the opportunity to discuss any quibbles with us immediately. If no issues are raised on collection, the cake is viewed as 'accepted' and any refunds requested due to decorating style, writing, colour or general design will not be accepted.

Consumption of the cake is viewed as the customer’s acceptance that the order is suitable for the purpose for which it has been supplied, and an accurate representation of the design discussed in the consultation process.

Cake flavour and texture is subjective, so requests based on flavour and texture alone will not be accepted unless the cake is brought in to us and management deem it is not up to our standards, in which case a partial store credit will be given. They must be returned within 24hrs. We are not responsible for any expense incurred for replacing any cake.

The following instance is where we would issue a refund:

If you arrive for pickup and the cake does not meet your expectations we will issue a refund minus the ingredients used. This refund will be made as a store credit; no cash/money refunds will be made. You may not keep the cake; you may only receive a refund if you refuse to accept the cake. A refund will not be issued if you have not made us aware of any issue within 48hours of collection.



We do not accept any responsibility for damage to the order or items with the order incurred by others once the order has been accepted, or in the case of some wedding cakes, delivered; it becomes the customer’s responsibility to safeguard the goods from then on.

All items delivered to venues where the recipient is not present (e.g. wedding venue) are photographed from different angles to show cake quality on delivery and are sent to the customer to prove it arrived in excellent condition. We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the order or items with the order such as cake toppers, decorations and stands incurred by others once the order has been delivered to the venue. We accept no responsibility or for loss, damage or non-delivery under unavoidable or exceptional circumstances (flooding, fire, etc). Dreambakes’ total liability for any claim shall not exceed the price paid by the customer for the goods supplied. The customer’s statutory rights are not affected by any statement contained in this document or our website.


Creative licence

If we are sent a certain specification (e.g. a photo) by you, we do all we can to ensure that the cake you receive is as close as possible to what is written on your order form. Everything is hand made and hand finished, so while we aim to create a cake as close as possible to an image, we cannot claim to make an exact duplicate of anything. Our cake decorators all have a different style and no one cake can be exact to another.


7) Collection/ Delivery

Orders are to be collected from our premises at a prearranged time and date only, to be agreed with the customer. If the customer is late to an arranged pickup time, the items will be held for two hours and then Dreambakes must resume normal business, which could mean that there are no staff in our premises. If the order is not collected, it becomes the property of Dreambakes and we may use our discretion to do what we wish with the item.

Orders will be delivered and set up (where applicable) according to arrangements discussed with the customer. Any arrangements for delivery may be subject to change, although prior notice will be given as soon in advance as possible. If the customer needs to alter these arrangements, they need to inform us as soon as they can before the delivery date.

Delivery charges vary according to the delivery address.

8) Ownership of rights

All rights, including copyright, on Dreambakes' website and social media are owned by or licensed to Dreambakes. Any use of our website or its contents, including copying or storing it or them in whole or part, other than for personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without our express permission. The customer may not modify or distribute anything on our website for any purpose, or use our content on social media without crediting Dreambakes.

9) Changes to legal notices

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. It is the customer’s responsibility to read through the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions will apply as soon as the first payment is made.

10) Law, jurisdiction and language

Dreambakes' website, any content contained therein and any contract brought into being as a result of usage of this website are governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Parties to any such contract agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. All contracts are concluded in English.

11) Invalidity

If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to the customer) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

12) Third party rights

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to, nor shall it, confer any rights on a third party.